Rēnou™ (ree-noo)

Your Commitment to Wellness


Simplifying nutrition and wellness making healthier living attainable and sustainable


Family Wellness Coaching

Every parent wants their kids to be healthy, happy, and to do well both in and out of the classroom. These basic challenges escalate when faced with additional hurdles such as childhood obesity or a diagnosis of ADD or diabetes. Our one-on-one coaching sessions offer education, motivation and inspiration empowering parents to take control of their family’s health.

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Coaching for Vibrant Aging

The effects of aging may feel inevitable but with proper guidance and resources in the areas of lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition, Renou™ helps you take control.


Individual Wellness Coaching

From disease prevention and management to weight loss,having a knowledgable and compassionate coach can be a transformative experience. With science-based, effective practices, you will be empowered to take control of your wellness.


Group Workshops

Many organizations find value in wellness coaching for their employees, peers and collegues. Wellness coaches at Renou™ are available to lead workshops for your corporation, PTA, Girl Scout troop, non-profit, health group, etc.


You Deserve to Feel Empowered.

Whether you’re looking to hire a coach for personal wellness or to lead a group workshop, the coaches at Renou™ are happy to answer any questions along the way. Please reach out to learn more or schedule your appointment or workshop. #goodhealthgoodlife


Renou your commitment to health

You set the focus, the goal, and the pace.

Together, we define a “health-style” that fits your lifestyle.


“Lynn is a dynamic coach with a breadth of real world experience in the food and nutrition industries.  Her class was action packed filled with enthusiasm and passion for helping others lead healthier lives.” - Donna K., Workshop Attendee