Renou™ offers a range of coaching services for families, individuals and adults.


Family Wellness Coaching

Did you know you can actually program your child’s body to crave healthier foods?  Growing bodies and growing brains need a balance of the right carbohydrates, the right proteins and the right fats.  When kids eat the right foods, they perform better in school and have fewer behavioral issues which can lead to higher levels of self-esteem and happier kids overall.  And, when you help THEM link these improvements to how they eat – BINGO!

Individual Wellness Coaching

What’s your goal?  Enjoying an active retirement?  Feel better now?  Lose weight?  Have more energy?  Reduce pain?  Avoid medication?  Whatever your goal, understand that regardless of your age you can impact your “health-span”.  At Renou™, clients learn to harness this ability, understand WHY it matters, and reach their goals.



Coaching for Vibrant Aging

As we get older, we realize aging really isn’t an option. But how we age is. At Renou™, we guide our clients to develop a “health-style” that allows them to remain active and feel fulfilled during the prime of their life. Whether the goal is to potentially prevent or delay the onset of chronic illness or live more vibrantly following a diagnosis, our focus on lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition enables clients to influence their future.