Renou™ offers engaging presentations and group workshops to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Subject matter can be broad or specific; focused on individual or family wellness, or well-being as we age. Our preference is to customize a program that will work for your environment and your audience.


The L.E.A.N. Start

Every parent or caregiver wants their child or children to be healthy, happy, have friends, and perform well in school, on the field or on the stage.  And, evidence is mounting that good nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle established during childhood can dramatically impact each of these areas of your child’s life.  The good news is that as a parent or caregiver YOU can can take control and influence the potential outcome of your child’s future.


L.E.A.N. Essentials

If you’ve been tinkering around on this website, you likely understand the value we place on the importance of kids developing healthy eating habits early in life.  But maybe you are time-starved, perhaps you prefer to take things more slowly. If this is the case, L.E.A.N Start Essentials may be more of what you are looking for to get started.


Prime-Time Health Workshop

As we get older (and wiser!), thoughts of retirement and the inevitability of aging become more frequent.  We notice “age-related” articles and reports on age-related conditions such as cognitive decline and arthritis, we expect our skin to wrinkle, and our vision to deteriorate. While aging is inevitable, the effects of aging are not.  You can actually influence your health-span or how you age, and this is where we come in….                                     

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Workplace Wellness

More and more employers are expanding the traditional ROI analysis of their wellness programs to include the VOI, or “value of investment”. These programs are and will continue to change, in response to the shifting demographics of the workforce. Renou™ Health & Wellness Coaching is positioned to increase the value of your investment. We can do this by educating, guiding and empowering your employees to take charge of their health. When this occurs, the door opens to the possibility for all kinds of good things.