Fun Ways to Learn

Renou™ your perspective, renou your habits – renou you.  Below are some great ways to make the transition to healthier living more manageable.  


Pantry Makeover

Throughout the workshops and individual coaching sessions, participants quickly gain an understanding of the importance of eating the right foods.  The light bulb goes on, and some clients’ knee-jerk reaction is to do a “pantry purge” and start from scratch.  But that doesn’t make sense financially and your family would likely mutiny.  During a Pantry Makeover, the coach and client partner on deliberately developing a plan to work through what’s in stock and choosing healthier options the next time they shop.  A typical pantry makeover takes about an hour.


Pantry Makeovers - start at $65

Private Cooking Classes

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, scary or complicated.  Cooking can be fun and one thing I know for sure - cooking is a sensory experience – it’s not just about setting the timer.  It’s amazing when you learn how something should look, smell, sound in the pan, feel and of course, taste.  I look forward to teaching, sharing tips and tricks to make good-for-you meals dee-lish and manageable.  Classes include the preparation of 3 recipes and are generally 2 hours – start to finish. Recipes are included!


Private Cooking Classes - for one or two students, start at $150 + groceries.

For private parties, please contact me via the CONNECT tab or via email.



Supermarket Smart!

Are your anxiety levels rising as you consider buying new ingredients that you’ve never used before, making recipes you’ve never tried before?  I have two words – MAKE LISTS. One thing I learned in culinary school – you must plan, be organized and make lists for everything.  A list of questions you have about produce items; a list of questions about swapping out ingredients, etc.  And because we’re all time-starved, we don’t want grocery shopping to take the entire afternoon – so we make smart shopping lists to make the best use of our time.  


Supermarket Smart shopping experiences start at $65 for a one-hour excursion.

Recipe Revamp

Got some family favorites that you can’t do without?  Gather up 3-4 recipes and we’ll work together to swap out the less healthy ingredients and swap in some better-for-your family alternatives.  Takes about an hour.


Recipe Revamp - starts at $65